Thank you!

A lot of talented hands were placed on this project and a lot of people helped me to be the beauty queen I’ve always wanted to be so I wanted to shout out to the people I love:

Website Development: Ethan Redd you are the MAN! I am so technologically illiterate and I thank you so much for working so hard to put this together and deal with my random requests. You have such a gift and incredible drive.

Photography: Ginny Stewart, I am so gracious for your photos and following me on this crazy journey. I am so glad that we got to hang out because you have such a bright spirit and an amazing ability to capture the energy of others through your work.

Video Production: Marc Ezra Kreidler, you have taught me so much! I might be clumsy with Adobe Premier and a bike wrench, but your diligence sure rubbed off on me and I carry that with me today. Thanks for lending your vast craft talents.

Also, Asha Boston! What an inspiration you are for so many young black girls out there. The Dinner Table is such an awesome project. You are destined to make great documentaries. I am so honored to have worked with you and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Illustrations: Hana Omiya. Dude I fell in love with your drawings ages ago so when you said yes to work with me I was elated. Thank you so much for putting up with my procrastination and my crazy visions.

Coaching: Thank you Elaine Gardner for straightening out my walk and being patient with my jock strut. Thank you Kristen Kelley for helping me refine my acting skills and forcing me to distill my poem despite how painful it was for me. Chelsea, thanks for taking this misfit of a lady and bringing me into your pageant world … and thank you for believing in me.

Hair and makeup: Derek you cut the finest mohawk and with that doo I felt like I was finally the woman I am supposed to be. Denise you are a delight. I had so much fun working with you. And Paul Mariani your passion for makeup and skincare is amazing. Thanks for joking around with me on camera.

More appreciation: Caileen thank you for providing this great opportunity. Lauren, Steve and Lily! Filming at your house was an absolute blast. Your family is beautiful but your pugs are even more breathtaking. Ann K: The notes you would leave in my mailbox were absolutely priceless. Doug thanks for your helpful insight. Lynn Siegel, thank you so much for letting me prowl around your store. To my alma mater Nichols School, you guys have been such a support to me in many ways: Lily, Kelah and Vicky, Larry D. you’re the best for coming to the show! And to my family and friends: I love you. Special shout outs to: my mom and father, my sisters; Lucia and Sarah for driving all the way from DC to watch me; Janna for telling me I can do this; and everyone else I have incessantly talked to about this project.

Peace and blessings.